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Friday, 20 Apr 2018


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From M Shatwell and P Hall


We have been going for treatment on the lower back with Dr Robert Finn for four months and have both experienced great relief and a lessening of pain.

From the beginning Dr Finn listened intently to all we had to say about our problems. He then showed us our x-rays, explaining them fully and told us how he could help us.

From taking 8 painkillers a day, prescribed by doctors, we have progressed to taking a coule occassionally!


From Brian Bates


I am a tallish 73 year old male who over the years has occasionally suffered backacke to a lesser or greater degree (sometimes excrutiating). This has mainly occurred whilst gardening or being involved in sporting activities. I then found it almost impossible to straighten up again due to what I believe is termed spasm.

During late Spring 2011 the same thing happened and the pain was severe. A friend of mine recommended Dr Finn and arranged to visit him. He diagnosed my problem and I was advised to proceed with a course of treatments and after a few visits the backache considerable eased ...he also prescribed a couple of easy exercises to be done daily.

Two months on from being "doubled up" I am cautiously tackling the garden am able to play full rounds of golf without hindrance...and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Finn to other sufferers.


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