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Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Our People

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Dr Robert Finn   Maggie Burrows  

Dr Robert Finn qualified as a chiropractor almost            Maggie Burrows is the clinic's Senior Chiropractic           

20 years ago from the Anglo European College             Assistant and has worked for the Clinic for over 5      

of Chiropractors (which is the oldest and largest           years.

chiropractic college in Europe). He is passionate

about chiropractic and helping his patients reach

their health goals.  

 Cath Pusey      Ne'ema Bowen

Cathy Pusey is the longest serving employee and came           

to the clinic initially as a patient over 10 years ago and

the joined the clinic as a Chiropractic Assistant. She now

 continues to assist the team as and when she can.