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Friday, 20 Apr 2018


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Welcome to our offers & promotions this week.

POSTURE AWARENESS WEEK - 18th February to 24th February 2013

You have come to this site because you are in pain and may have been suffering from pain for a while. There is an interesting article about the benefits of chiropractic and exercise as opposed to taking drugs for the pain.

70% of people will experience neck pain at some point. More people will have suffered from back pain. A recent study in America showed that patients who initially saw a chiropractor for common back pain conditions saved a considerable amount of money in total costs than those who went to a GP. 

Bad posture can cause headaches, neck pain and poor health. This week we are focusing on Posture and are offering a FREE Digital Posture Analysis and Spinal Assessment on 23rd February 2013.  More details can be found below. 

Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic is a family and community chiropractic clinic!

We provide a great service to our patients and don't just focus on chiropractic care because we understand that our patients may need help with their lifestyle as well. We hold FREE patient education workshops where we talk about nutrition, exercise and stress. We hold rehabilitation classes - you will have to prebook to attend the classes because they are very popular.

Please feel free to browse through the rest of the website for more information.


Last year we had Chiropractic Awareness Week and the theme was ACTIVE AGEING. It is the European Year for Active Ageing and below is an excerpt which has been published on the British Chiropractic Association website.

To mark the start of Chiropractic Awareness Week (16th to 20th April), the British Chiropractic Association unveils consumer research* results that highlight the need for attention and action, no matter what age you may be:

· One in five (20%) aged 55 and over are most worried about becoming less active as they age.

· 48% of over 55’s admit that they are a lot less active than 20 years ago.

· 51% of over 55 year olds are currently suffering from back or neck pain with 33% of those complaining that they suffer daily and 24% stating they have endured some kind of back or neck complaint for more than 10 years.

The research also explored how back and neck pain is impacting on people’s daily lives. The findings revealed that 13% of those suffering from back or neck pain, aged 55+ experienced difficulties with going to work – a clear concern for the ageing workforce. Additionally, 13% found their pain impacted on their ability to socialise with friends and family. The other main areas of concern related to restrictions in carrying bags/rucksacks, carrying out DIY, exercising and sleeping.

Tim Hutchful, BCA chiropractor comments: “Remaining active as we age is important to our well-being and continued health. So, whilst our bodies start to slow down naturally, there are some simple everyday steps that can be taken to help preserve your back and posture into your older years.”

Tim recommends:

- Stay as active as you can within your physical limitations. Some exercises that may seem daunting or only for the very fit may, in fact, be perfect in allowing you to maintain fitness and mobility if done at a ‘lower’ level. Adding just a few minutes of exercise or stretches to your daily routine could be of benefit.

- Walking is a great way to stay active and the benefits underestimated. It is less strenuous on the joints than other forms of exercise but is weight bearing and so can help maintain bone density too.

- A moving joint is likely to be less painful than a static joint, so even simple movement, stretches or gentle exercises could help relieve pain.

- Promoting core strength and positive posture by doing StraightenUpUK – a series of simple stretches and exercises is a great idea. (click here to view)  

- Look to increase levels of activity in simple ways: walk to the shops instead of driving; try walking a little faster to boost the exercise benefit; take the stairs instead of an escalator or lift. Any additional exercise is better than none.

- Keep fluid levels topped up; the body works better when well hydrated: Your muscles and joints will work more efficiently and fatigue less.

- Always consult your doctor before embarking on new exercises to make sure they are compatible with any known medical conditions or symptoms.

Please telephone 01782 711191 to arrange an appointment or contact us by using the "contact" page

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